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Assassin’s Creed 2016 (subtitle indonesia) [Assassins.Creed.2016.720p.BluRay.850MB.nItRo]

Assassin’s Creed (2016)

When Callum Lynch explores the memories of his ancestor Aguilar and gains the skills of a Master Assassin, he discovers he is a descendant of the secret Assassins society.

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Detective Conan 13 : The Raven Chaser

Detective Conan 13: The Raven Chaser


A man driving down a hillside road realizes that his car's brakes have failed. The car crashes into a toll booth, killing the man. He leaves a dying message: "Tanabata kyo." A Mahjong tile next to his body links this case to six others in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Shizuoka, Nagano, and other Japanese prefectures. Because of the Mahjong tiles left beside each victim, the police conclude that the same person or organization committed these murders. The police across Japan unite to solve the serial murder case.

After a police conference about this case, Conan discovers a police officer entering a black Porsche 356A owned by Gin. He concludes that a Black Organization member disguised as an officer has infiltrated the meeting. On Tanabata, Conan corners Vermouth in the underground parking lot of a shopping mall. She reveals that the Black Organization needs a memory chip, which the murderer took, and a new member, "Irish".

Conan employs the help of Heiji Hattori to solve the case by following the dying message lead. He and Heiji find out that two years ago, an accidental fire in a Kyoto hotel killed a young woman named Nanako Honjou. The elevator could only hold seven, but eight needed to evacuate. Nanako was not on the last elevator and did not escape.

Conan tracks down her neighbor, Shun Sawamura, and asks him some questions. He finds out that Nanako and her boyfriend, Kousuke Mizutani, often went stargazing together. Conan realizes that the crime scenes are ordered like the star constellation Ursa Major, making the last crime scene Shiba Park. The police also figure out the pattern and leave for Tokyo Tower.

Conan confronts Mizutani, who is about to commit suicide in Nanako's memory and to avoid arrest. Mizutani thought one of the seven had pushed Nanako out, but Nanako's brother, Kazuki Honjou, shows up and testifies that he had overheard two survivors say that Nanako voluntarily stepped out. Conan reveals that the murderer is Kazuki because Mizutani would not murder to stain the memory of Nanako. He tells Mizutani that the survivors appreciated Nanako's sacrifice and sent flowers to her memorial. Kazuki lied to manipulate Mizutani into avenging Nanako but did it himself after realizing that Mizutani would not. Mizutani realizes that Nanako would not have wanted him to commit suicide and returns the victims' belongings to Kazuki, who would have used the evidence to convict Mizutani. Kazuki threatens Conan and Mizutani with a knife. Matsumoto appears and shoots the knife out of Kazuki's hands.

Conan realizes that Matsumoto is Irish in disguise. Irish claims that he does not want to kill Conan. He says he discovered Conan's true identity, having matched his and Shinichi's fingerprints, and wants to turn him in to the "boss" alive. The "boss" would know of Gin's mistake and punish Gin, satisfying Irish's revenge against him for killing his friend Pisco. Conan wants the memory chip, but Irish refuses to hand it over. Ran arrives at Tokyo Tower and finds Irish still disguised as Matsumoto. She uses karate, but a kick to his face tears off part of his mask. Taking advantage of her surprise, Irish overpowers Ran.

Irish and Conan move outside near the top, and a helicopter with Gin, Vodka, Korn, and Chianti arrives. Irish shows them the chip, and Gin orders Chianti to shoot Irish and the chip. The bullet seriously injured Irish. Conan tries to drag him to safety, but Gin notices Conan and tries to shoot him. Irish shields Conan and dies.

The Black Organization attacks with a machine gun, damaging the Tokyo Tower. Cornered, Conan escapes by slinging a skylight with his expanding suspenders at the helicopter, damaging the engine. The Black Organization manages to fly away, but the helicopter crashes. Conan later discovers that the members escaped the helicopter before it crashed and vows to take down the organization once and for all.

Professor Agasa and the Detective Boys free the real Matsumoto from a small house in Beika Woods with the help of Officer Satou and Takagi.


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Detective Conan 14 : The Lost Ship in the Sky

Detective Conan: The Lost Ship in the Sky

A terrorist group invades a laboratory containing a deadly bacteria and destroys the lab with an explosion. They later announce via the internet they have gained possession of the bacteria and declare themselves to be the Red Siamese Cats (赤いシャムネコ Akai Shamu Neko?), a terrorist group that was eradicated a decade ago.

Conan Edogawa, Kogoro Mori, Ran Mori and The Detective Boys are invited by Sonoko Suzuki's uncle, Jirokichi Suzuki, to fly in his airship to witness his attempt at capturing Kaito Kid by baiting him with the jewel called Lady Sky (レディー スカイ Redī Sukai?). Kid replies to Jirokichi's challenge with a letter announcing he will steal Lady Sky when the airship approaches Osaka. Aboard the airship, besides its employees and the police, there are four others who are working for the media: Takamichi Fujioka, a journalist; Masaki Mizukawa, a TV director; Kasumi Nishitani, a reporter; and Junpei Ishimoto, a cameraman. Meanwhile, a waitress enters the smoking room where an ampoule with the logo of the Red Siamese Cats is seen under the sofa. Conan reminisces to Doctor Agasa about the time Ran thought an airship was a Unidentified flying object and asks him to keep it a secret. A waiter overhears Conan in the shadows.

Conan's group is given a tour of the airship; Ran diverges from the group to get a better look at Lady Sky. She meets a waiter wearing a bandage similar to the one she gave to a maintenance personnel and grabs his arm deducing he is Kid in disguise. She then subdues him and threatens to hand him over to Ginzo Nakamori. Kid removes the mask and pretends to be Shinichi Kudo and convinces her by telling her she thought the airship was a UFO once. Meanwhile, the waitress begins to develop a rash on the back of her arms. Jirokichi receives a phone call who tells him the bacteria in the smoking room before hanging up. Nakamori confirms through the ampoule that it is the work of the Red Siamese Cats. Fujioka begins to develop a rash over his whole body and approaches the group whilst in pain before being knocked out by Ran. The waitress with the rash is found unconscious by a short-haired waitress; Fujioka and the unconscious waitress are quarantined in a separate room. Conan leaves to search for The Junior Detective League who are exploring the ship.

Conan finds them in the attic of the airship. There, they witness an unknown culprit unlock the roof allowing the Red Siamese Cats to enter and hijack the ship. Their leader announces they plan to get revenge on Jirokichi who assisted in eradicating the terrorist group and that they will detonate the bombs on the ships or release a second ampoule containing the bacteria if they resist. Conan finds the four rooms in the attic of the ship and disarms them; He notes it was strange they used bombs and bacteria to hijack the ship and attempts to figure out their ulterior motive. The terrorist group holding Jirokichi at gunpoint is able to gain possession of Lady Sky. Mizukawa begins to develop the rash on his right palm and is incarcerated in the smoking room. Ran remembers that Fujioka grabbed her arms and is relieved to find no rash has developed. Nishitani laments that the Detective Boys are missing; the Red Siamese Cats overhear this and bring Conan and the Detective Boys to the lobby. Ai informs Conan through the Detective Badge that the Red Siamese Cats are after him but is slapped by the short-haired waitress who is revealed to be part of the Red Siamese Cats.

Conan is thrown out the window by their leader and Kid manages to save him. Meanwhile, Heiji Hattori attempts to deduce the Red Siamese Cats goals, and confirming that if their goal is to get revenge on the Jirokichi, they would crash the airship into the Suzuki company building, the Bell Tree Tower and consequently release the bacteria in the airship to the outside world. Conan informs Heiji about the situation. Conan then calls Inspector Juzo Megure as Shinichi in order to use a police helicopter which he and Kid use to re-board the airship. Conan finds two of the four re-armed bombs in the attic of the airship and grows suspicious as there is no bomb behind the smoking room which would have released the bacteria. Heiji calls Conan telling him the Red Siamese Cats have posted on the internet about the airship causing mass panic to the cities in the airship's path. As the ship approaches Nara, Kid informs Conan that the ship is emitting smoke. Conan realizes the Red Siamese Cats' true motive and sends Harly to Nara.

Ran begins to develop a rash from where Fujioka touched her and is quarantined in the smoking room. Conan becomes suspicious of the bacteria as it was only supposed to spread by droplet contact and not physical contact. Conan notices the black fingernails from Ran's escort and realizes what the true nature of the infection is. Conan lures the Red Siamese Cats to the attic of the airship and incapacitates them one by one. Heiji, meanwhile, confronts four policemen at Kōfuku-ji revealing they are part of the Red Siamese Cats and used the airship to evacuate the city in order to steal the priceless buddharupas. The four fake policemen are then arrested by the Nara police. Conan enters the smoking room where Ran is quarantined and reveals that the Red Siamese Cats never released a bacteria. He explains the smoking room was sprayed with an irritating lacquer which causes a rash when it contacts the skin. Conan then realizes that Fujioka was feigning the symptoms of the bacteria and is the mastermind behind the heist.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department discuss the identities of the Red Siamese Cats. It is revealed they are all foreign mercenaries hired by Fujioka and are only using the terrorist name Red Siamese Cats as a cover up. Conan confronts Fujioka who explains that they targeted the statues since stolen money is easily tracked with modern technology. He then reveals that Nishitani and Ishimoto are his comrades and that the two remaining bombs are placed in the lobby where the group is held and will be detonated when he and his comrades escape the airship. The group in the cabin are tied to the railings by the two culprits who take Lady Sky as their prize. As Fujioka prepares to kill Conan, the airship passes under a bridge and Conan latches his belt to the airship and inflates the soccer ball, jamming it between the bridge and airship causing the airship to tilt vertically. Fujioka falls into the ocean below and the two culprits in the lobby are knocked unconscious.

Kid enters the lobby and unties Ran from the railing and leaves with Lady Sky. As he examines the jewel in the moonlight, Ran, believing Kid to be Shinichi, asks him to turn himself in to the police. Kid tells her he will comply if she kisses him. As the two approach for a kiss, Ran stops and tells him he is not Shinichi. Conan enters the room and angrily runs towards Kid. Kid places Lady Sky on Ran's finger and leaves through the ceiling. Conan asks what Kid did to her, to which she remarks something Shinichi never does and thinks about how he tried to touch her rear.


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Detective Conan Movie 20 - The Darkest Nightmare (korea DUB)

Mysterious assassinations have been happening around the world. The suspect is a spy accessing classified files. In Japan, this woman breaks into Tokyo police headquarters and accesses secret files on spies planted in the Black Organization by many intelligence agencies: the English MI6, the Canadian CSIS, the German BND, and the American CIA and FBI. Before this spy can steal the files, Rei Furuya arrives with a cadre of his secret police officers. The spy makes a getaway in a stolen car, but Rei soon catches up in his Mazda FD RX-7. The two jockey for position on the highway and are about to cause a huge wreck. Before they can crash, Shuichi Akai snipes the spy's car from the hood of his red and white striped Ford Mustang. The spy's car tumbles off the highway and explodes.
The next day, Conan, Professor Agasa, Haibara, and the Detective Boys meet up at the newly renovated "Tohto Aquarium". Under the centerpiece of the park, a massive ferris wheel, they find an injured woman with "odd eyes" (heterochromia). The woman is suffering memory loss, she doesn't know her own name and even her cellphone is broken. Conan and his friends decide to stay together with her and help her to recover her lost memory. Unknown to Conan and his friends, Vermouth had been lurking nearby with a silenced pistol and had overheard everything. She pulls back and contacts her comrades: "It's as planned, Gin." The woman in question is in fact a new member of the Black Organization.


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Detective Conan Movie 18 - Dimensi Sniper (Subtitle Indonesia)

Sinopsis (Ringkasan Cerita) Detective Conan Movie 18 – Dimensi Sniper

Menceritakan terjadinya adu tembak antara sniper (penembak jitu) dengan sniper juga. Berawal saat selesainya pembangunan Bell Tree Tower yang di dukung oleh Suzuki Financial Group. Conan dkk di undang oleh Sonoko untuk menghadiri upacara pembukaan menara tersebut. Dari ketinggiran ratusan meter membuat Ayumi dkk merasa senang dan takjub. Conan merasa ada yang aneh dan melihat sekilas pantulan cahaya dari atas gedung lain. Dan tak lama kemudian terdengar suara tembakan dan seseorang yang dekat dengan Conan tertembak sniper hingga tewas. Semuanya menjadi panik dan Conan meminta kunci mobil Agasa untuk mengambil skateboard dan mengejarnya. Di tengah pengejaran Conan ditembaki oleh pelaku hingga hampir tertimpa mobil, tapi di selamatkan oleh Sera. Mereka berdua akhirnya melakukan pengejaran bersama dibantu dengan polisi patroli. tapi si pelaku melemparkan granat dan beberapa mobil polisi meledak. Saat pelaku melewati Sera dan Conan, Conan menempelkan alat pelacak di sepeda motor pelaku. Setelah beberapa saat pelaku di biarkan kabur, Sera dan Conan mengejar hingga sampai dermaga. Pelaku yang saat itu mengetahui segera menembaki Sera dan Conan, kemudian datanglah orang FBI yang membantu hingga pelaku tercebur ke air dan berhasil kabur. Di Mabes polri, FBI menjelaskan kalau pelaku dari penembakan kemungkinan besar adalah Hunter yang beberapa minggu lalu masuk ke Jepang. Motifnya diperkirakan soal Silver Star yang di milikinya, tapi akan segera di copot karena dia dianggap menembak warga sipil tak bersenjata. Setelah di selidiki dia adalah reporter surat kabar yang baru saja menuliskan kejelekan Hunter tentang Aturan keterlibatan. Dia yang di juluki pahlawan medan perang berubah menjadi pahlawan di curigai. Dan beberapa orang yang melapor dll kemungkinan akan menjadi target penembakan selanjutnya. Di TKP juga di temukan cangkang peluru dan dadu dengan titik 4. Conan kemudian ke rumah Agasa dan bertemu yang lain. mereka menghibur diri dengan menyalakan kembang api, tapi saat habis, Agasa memberikan penemuan sabuk baru kepada Conan dan saat di coba ternyata bola tersebut bisa menjadi kembang api. Keesokan harinya Conan mengambil ponselnya yang jatuh di jalan dan di telp Sera yang mengatakan mengetahui salah satu orang yang akan di bunuh sniper. Saat di depan rumah korban, dia melihat korban ditembak di dalam mobil saat keluar dari garasi. Setelah di lihat di tempat sniper berada, mereka menemukan cangkang dan dadu yang mempunyai titik 3. Berlanjut dengan di bunuhnya tersangka utama yaitu Hunter yang awalnya diduga sebagai tersangka. dengan di temukan cangkang peluru dengan dadu yang mempunyai titik 2. Akhirnya polisi mencari korban selanjutnya yang akan di bunuh si pelaku. Dan benar salah satu dari korban yang di awasi, tewas diatas kereta setelah kabur dari pengawasan. dan ditemukan cangkang dan dadu yang mempunyai titik 5. Anggapan hitungan mundur kacau dengan dadu yang mempunyai titik 5 di TKP terakhir. Karena kejadian itu juga, Sera tertembak karena menolong Conan yang akan di tembak si pelaku. Diapun masuk rumah sakit. Korban berikutnya ternyata sudah mengetahui siapa pelaku sebenarnya dan berencana menembaknya duluan sebelum dia di tembak. Conan yang mengetahui teka-teki dadu segera menuju TKP dan ternyata benar. Si pelaku bersiap menembak korban yang sebelumnya sudah direncanakan tapi digagalkan oleh Conan, mulai saat itu Conan mulai dihujani tembakan dan kabur. Tapi dia terjatuh setelah tembakan mengenai skateboardnya. Saat Conan sudah terpojok, terdengar suara tembakan dari arah berlawanan dan mengenai pelaku. Setelah dilihat ternyata dia adalah Subaru yang ternyata penembak jitu yang dianggap sudah tewas. Pelaku yang masih belum menyerah masuk Bell Tree dan menyandera Ayumi. Tak lama kemudian FBI datang untuk membantu. Tapi saat akan melawan, si pelaku meledakkan listrik dan membuat listrik Bell Tree padam, dan dia menggunakan teropong malam. Conan kemudian menelpon Haibara untuk mengunkan cahaya yang bisa membutakan pelaku. Setelah dilakukan, Ayumi berhasil kabur tapi Ran mulai melawan hingga terkena goresan peluru dan terjatuh. Dikarenakan gelap, Subaru tidak bisa melihat pelaku dan Conan menggunakan cara terakhir untuk memberikan cahaya ke Bell Tree. Diapun melompat dari atas gedung dan melemparkan tubuhnya ke udara dengan bantuan karet elestis dan sepatu penambah tenaga, dan menendangkan bola kembang api ke Bell Tree. Pelaku yang tidak bisa melihat di tembak oleh Subaru hingga senjatanya terlempar. Saat itulah Ran mulai menghajar pelaku hingga babak belur. Akhirnya pelaku ditangkap FBI. Dari adanya penembakan serial terebut, korban terkahir yang berhasil diselamatkan Conan masuk penjara karena terkuaknya kejahatan yang dilakukannya beberapa tahun yang lalu.

Trailernya Mblo... !! Jomblo hahaha

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Ultrasurf free download

 Hai pengguna internet. Mungkin anda tidak merasa aman ketika menjelajah internet. Di internet bisa terjadi apa saja dan bisa mengundang peretas ke komputer anda. Ada beberapa blog/website tertentu yang mengandung virus, virus ini pekerjaannya hanya mengambil data-data atau informasi yang tersimpan di komputer anda, dan akan mengirimnya ke administator blog/website tersebut, hal ini bisa terjadi karena firewall yang lemah. Ada pepatah yang mengatakan "Lebih baik mencegah daripada mengobati" kalau diartikan di dalam kasus ini adalah "Amankan komputer anda sebelum membersihkan sesuatu yang berbahaya". Mungkin anda ingin mencegah hal ini dengan menipu admin tersebut. Aplikasi ini berguna untuk memakai proxy yang aman dan mengalihkan koneksi ke dalam ultrasurf tersebut. Jika anda masuk ke dalam jaringan internet, host akan menganggap ini dari negara lain, karena jaringan dari UltraSurf berasal dari beberapa negara.

Setelah anda mengetahui tentang penjelasan di atas, sekarang kita akan membahas link download yang ditunggu-tunggu.


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Bigasoft Total Video Converter

software ini sama dengan Bigasoft Total Video Converter, sekarang saya akan share software converter yang sama dengan Any Video Converter, yaitu  Bigasoft Total Video Converter Full Serial Number/Key
Bigasoft Total Video Converter adalah Software yang membantu anda dengan cepat mengkonversi antara berbagai file video untuk menikmati film favorit anda atau video musik pada perangkat portabel, ponsel, mp4 player, komputer pribadi, televisi, YouTube dan sebagainya dengan mudah. Alat video yang powerful konversi mendukung konversi video antara berbagai format video, termasuk AVI, Xvid, DivX, H.264, MP4, 3GP, MKV, WMV, RM, FLV, MOV, WTV, MXF, MVI, F4V, Apple ProRes MOV, WebM, VP8, 720p, 1080p, 1080i HD, video AVCHD dan banyak lagi.

Converter video yang menakjubkan ini tidak hanya mudah digunakan alat konversi film tetapi juga sebuah konverter audio yang kuat yang dapat mengkonversi antara file audio seperti MP3, AAC, AC3, WAV, WMA, dll Selain itu dapat mengekstrak audio dari video dan musik video dengan hanya beberapa klik.

Bigasoft Total Video Converter mendukung pemutaran pada berbagai macam perangkat digital termasuk iPod, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Apple TV, Zune, PSP, PS3, Pocket PC, Creative Zen, Xbox, Archos dan sebagainya.

Selain itu, alat video serbaguna konversi dapat menyesuaikan efek video seperti memotong video, trim, crop, merge, clip dan sebagainya untuk memenuhi semua kebutuhan anda yang berbeda.

Key Features:
1.Convert video format
Easily convert between any video format such as MP4, 3GP, AVI, Xvid, DivX, H.264, MKV, WMV, RM, FLV, MOV, MOD, TOD, M2TS, WTV, MXF, MVI, F4V, Apple ProRes MOV and more. It can be used as AVI converter, MP4 converter, 3GP converter and so on.

2. Digital playback devices support
Convert all kinds of videos to mobile videos which can be watched on various digital playback devices like cell phone, PDA, PSP, iPod, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Xbox, Xbox360, PS3, Archos, Creative Zen, iRiver, television, Apple TV, personal computer and so on.

3. Convert audio files
Convert between audio files like MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, OGG, FLAC, APE, M4A, RA, AC3, MP2, AIFF, AMR and so on.

4. Extract audio from video
Rip music from your favorite movie or music video to listen whenever you like.

5. Convert WebM and convert to WebM
Bigasoft Total Video Converter can convert diverse video formats to WebM/VP8 format and convert WebM to any popular video.

6. Capture picture from video
Take video snapshot to capture a certain scene in the video as you like.

7. Download videos from YouTube and convert them to desired formats
With Bigasoft Total Video Converter, you can fast download funny, interesting videos from YouTube in highest resolution maximally in 1080p and convert them to any desired video and audio formats.

8. Movie effect support
Adjust output video effects like cut video into small pieces, remove black edge of movie.

9. Preview before conversion

10. Batch conversion
Convert multiple files at a time to save your time. Moreover, it can turn into a great video joiner to merge them into a complete one.

11. Easy to use
By super easy and intuitive user interface, only 3 steps, and you can easily enjoy favorite movie wherever you are.

12. Super conversion
Optimized by NVIDIA® CUDA computing technology, Bigasoft Total Video Converter accelerates conversion to revolutionary fast. Converting video now 10X speeds up.
13. Multi-language support
Provides chooses including English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, Czech and Chinese now.
14. Compatible with Windows 7
Support all Windows including Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 2000.

System Requirements:
  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000, Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, or Windows® 7
  • 1GHz Intel®/AMD processor or above
  • 512MB RAM or more
  • 30MB free hard disk space for installation
  • Super VGA (800 x 600) resolution, 16-bit graphics card or higher
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